Sunday, October 16, 2011

quotes :)

sometimes people betray you the moment u trust them the most

don't give special place to anyone in your heart..,its easy to give that place
 but it hurts more when they dont know the value of that place

you dont really need someone to complete you.
you only need someone to accept you completely

you love someone not because they give you what you need
but..because they give you feelings you never thought you needed

be thankful for those important people in your life..
who are always there for you through thick & thin

be thankful that for once in your life someone made you happy & added colours into your life
even if  it's just for a while

no matter how "buzy" a persons day might be
if they "really care" they will always find time for you

you might be happy by ignoring me
but someday you might be sad.,when you might wish to talk to me
but i might not be able to do so

the happiest people dont have the best of everything
they make the best of everything they have

in my dream you are mine
but in my life,you are a dream

sometimes when you give up on someone
it's not because you dont care anymore but because you realize they dont

if you really matter to someone
they'll show you

it hurts to lose someone who's made you feel  so 

its ironic that when you need him..he wasn't there
but when you finally starting move on from him
he crawls back to you

happiness has it's own way of taking it sweet time

ok..cukup dlu smpai cni ae..esok sye update lgi ok..
esok sye cri lgi quotes kat korng ae..hihihi


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