Wednesday, March 30, 2011

cerita menarik utk dkongsikan dgn anda semua...^_^

there were 2 frogs who trapped in a hole

these 2 frogs were trying to get out of the hole for days
the news of the trapped frogs has spreads to the frog community
they all came close to the hole n shouts to the frogs inside
some of them says keep trying
some of them says dont bother trying, u wont get out of there anyway
the first frog inside have been jumping
and his jump has becoming lower and lower than before
coz he was tired and demotivated by the shouts of the frogs crowd
the other one have been jumping higher and higher instead
in the end, the first frog died in the hole
coz there was no food nor drink
while the second frog had jumped high enough to get out of the hole
the frogs crowd were amazed and wonder how he made it
what do u think?

Because the frog keep trying to get out .. so the frogs can get out from there

why does the frog still keep trying?
everybody else were demotivating him

Because he only heard to people who motivating him ... so thats why he still keepTrying ... he did not care to the person who is demotivating him ... am i right?

towards the end, since it has been days, they were all demotivating him

how can he come out? because he does not care about those around him?

coz he is deaf  ^_^

the end.....................................

ok..meh nk cte sikit..hihihi..stlah skian lma mnyepikan dri..hihihi..*lma ke??* keh3..dsbbkn tenet yg slow dpt la nk update blog+ bz nk update upu fasa dah slesai and line pon agak ok hari update la 1 cite yg berguna kt korng smua...ok..cite di atas nie actually dialog antra sye dgn someone yg sgt special bg sye...hihihi.dia sgt care psal sye .bg sye la....mse sye tgh sedey dlm entry yg lpas..klu x bce lgi..klik sini..dia bg cte nie kt sye....yg background pink tu...sye pnya answer..keh3..maaf..x pndai bi sgt..korng fhm x pe moral value kt sini???

the moral value is.....
jgn dgr sgt pe yg orng ckp psal kita..
bak kte  special person sye nie.. kalau kita layan mulut orang, memang sampai bila pun kita xkan ke mana...
cerita di atas....

it's very important coz we are living in a culture where everybody just want to point out the bad things of us

so..korng fhm x pe yg nk dsmpaikn kt sini??? klu korng nk brjaya..jgn dgr ckp org ok..biar la org nk ckp pe pon kt kita...just believe in yourself ok...^_~

ok... special person sye ckp kt sye...
i want you to remember this story with your heart
it's very important coz we are living in a culture where everybody just want to point out the bad things of us

insyalllah...chibi akan buat pe yg abg sruh ok....^_^

nie la special person sye...a.k.a. abg hariz sye..he is so sweet and kind...he always advice me..and always support me..bla sye sedey...dia akn hepi kn sye.....I'm always happy when I was with him...cenyummmm...^_^

ok..nah...snyuman chibi utk abg...ok x??keh3...cenyummmm...hihihi..=p

ntah pape je kan..keh3...=p

ok...sye hutng dia 1 cerita..dia nk sye cerita ape2 kt dia plak..hihihi..korng ade crita yg best2 x utk sye cte kn kat dia..huhuhu...

p/s :...tringt abg ckp cenyummmm ari tu..comel sgt ok...ska cra abg pujuk chibi mse chibi tgh sedey..comel sgt....  =))
maaf...english sye agak kureng sdikit..hek3..hope korng fhm la ape yg sye nk crita kt sini ok..=))


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